ESTWELD® - The Molecular Bond
The ESTWELD® process provides a way to produce copper to copper, copper to steel molecular bonds with no external energy or heat source.
The principle consists of bringing together welding materials and ignition agents in a suitable graphite mould.
The reduction of copper oxide by aluminum produces molten copper and aluminum oxide slag at extremely high temperatures.
The shape of the mould, its dimensions, and the size of the welding materials, are all dependent on the items to be welded.

Position cleaned conductors in mold after making sure mold is dry, by pre-heating or making a test joint.

Place metal disc in bottom of mold crucible.

Dump weld powder into crucible.

Sprinkle the starting powder over the weld powder and onto the lip of the mold. Close the cover.

Ignite the starting powder with the Flint Ignitor.

Remove weld and clean mold before making next connection.

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