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The PREVECTRON 3R development was conducted far beyond the standard requirements. The newer ESE rod benefits from the following certifications:
  • UL Certified is affixed for the first time ever on an Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor.

  • Lightning current tests in Campinas, Brazil in UNICAMP laboratory: The PREVECTRON 3R has been submitted to over 200kA current discharges, whereas the standard requires 100kA discharges.

  • Qualifoudre certificate Nº051166662001 confirms INDELEC’s quality management system, manufacturing methods and staff capabilities are compliant with the Qualifoudre standard.

  • CE marking is also affixed on the PREVECTRON 3R for the first time. INDELEC’s newlightning rod meets with all relevant European Directive requirements.

  • Russian certificate RTN (N° : RRS 00-05003) pertaining to equipment used in dangerous industrial environments. The PREVECTRON 3R is the sole Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor with RTN certification.

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