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  • Automatic Swing Doors | Energynet Inc.

    record DFA 127 - AUTOMATIC SWING DOORS The record DFA 127 Automatic Swing Door can be used as the basis for a wide variety of swing door applications thanks to its advanced programmable micro processor and compact design. In addition, it is almost silent in operation which makes it additionally suitable in quieter environments. The versatility of this automatic door operator means it can also be used as a control system to provide fire and smoke protection and it is a system which can be extended with a master-slave function which facilitates two overlapping door leaves. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Soluflex | Energynet Inc.

    SOLUFLEX Soluflex, the clever floor system. Legrand’s latest development, Soluflex, is much more than just a raised floor. This innovative new system integrates low-level flooring with Legrand’s market leading cable management solutions. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Grounding Pits | Energynet Inc.

    < Grounding Solutions GROUNDING PITS Concrete Inspection Pit This facilitates periodic inspection of the connection for corrosion and regular maintenance, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment from earth fault currents and the high currents injected into the earth by a lightning protection system. Lightweight Inspection Pit Manufactured from high-performance, UV stable and chemically resistant polymer with either polymer of concrete lid to suit the application. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • ABOUT | Energynet Inc.

    ABOUT EPITOME OF RESILIENCE Energynet is the undisputable distributor of premium and well- curated electrical and mechanical support solutions in the country for over a decade. With a strategic plan that transforms Energynet into an even stronger house who looks after the sustainability and safe-keep of the utilization of energy for this generation and the next, Energynet re-introduces itself as a creative brand-led and consumer-focused business. Supported by well-trained design and application engineers, customer satisfaction is at the core of the company. As a trademark for high-quality and globally recognized grounding and earthing products, lightning protection systems, and glass hardware accessories, Energynet continuously etches its role as energy experts. Working for and with some of the most prestigious projects in various commercial, high-end residential, infrastructure, power, oil, and gas facilities to date, Energynet is the ultimate partner for needs in construction materials for electrical, mechanical and architectural applications. PARTNERS Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Legrand’s purpose is to improve life by transforming spaces where people live, work and meet with electrical, digital infrastructures and connected solutions that are simple, innovative and sustainable. Every day, some 39,000 Legrand employees work hard to enhance electrical and digital building infrastructures and help develop connected buildings around the world. Indelec boasts of over 60 years of experience in perfecting lightning protection. As a major innovator in the world of energy, Indelec is known to provide innovative solutions for the planet. Indelec is an active member of major international, European and French standard committees, dedicated to develop fully compliant lightning protection solutions. Indelec has also ensured that their products would comply to the integrated sustainable development requirements : 100% made in France, reduced weight, increased lifetime, and modular design. A tradition of quality and unceasing innovation has made Unistrut the first choice of users and specifiers on six continents. Used extensively in nuclear, industrial and commercial construction markets for over 60 years, Unistrut Metal Framing has set the standard for product design, quality and performance. Polytron Technologies, Inc is the leading electronic and optical vision glass and film supplier worldwide, based out of Richardson,Texas, USA. We are a specialty, architectural glass company, supplying high quality Polyvision™ Privacy Glass(switchable privacy glass and film), PolyMagic™ LED Glass (Transparent LED glass and film), PolyHolo™ Glass (holographic glass and film), PolyFlush™ Glass , PolyRainbow Glass (optical-view glass and film), PolyGlow™ Glass (glow in the dark glass and film) PolyDigit™ display Glass (pixel control transparent LED Glass Technology) and PolyEVA (EVA film for lamination) to service customers in more than 85 countries. Ozone is a leading and established brand offering high quality Architectural Hardware and Safety Solutions worldwide. Ozone has achieved many accolades to its credit by serving countless prestigious projects worldwide over with its innovative, technologically advanced and quality products. Operating on a world wide platform with prestigious business associates, Ozone offers superior product solutions which meet global standards and best practices. Estweld has been the most leading and specializes in the manufacture of exothermic welding, grounding and lightning protection products. Furthermore, the company is also a pioneer of novel grounding materials in China. We have owned five patents of invention and ten patents for utility models and three appearance patents. record-usa actively seeks to establish long term relationships with only the very best retailers and institutions. Our goal is to team with those organizations that are willing to look beyond the price of a door and instead prefer to emphasize the overall value of the partnership in providing a pleasant shopping experience to their customers. The technology that we provide through our exclusive keypad and exclusive Traffic Sensitive “Smart” opening logic promise cost savings well beyond that of the initial purchase price of the door itself. The retailers we have chosen to work with are astute enough to recognize this value. Are you? Foshan HaiDeLi Hardware Manufactory founded in 1991, has been engaging in production and development of door hardware and development of door hardware and glass fittings for building and decoration. Our enterprise covers an area of 18000 square meters,and has a full set of production facilities and technologies. It also appeals to a staff of engineers. CKS Glass Hardware Sdn Bhd, established in year 2000, is a specialist in providing glass hardware & fittings for glass & aluminium industries. CKS, our pioneer brand registered since 2002 in Malaysia, China, Thailand & Indonesia, is Malaysia’s most established local brand in the industry. A tradition of quality and unceasing innovation has made Unistrut the first choice of users and specifiers on six continents. Used extensively in nuclear, industrial and commercial construction markets for over 60 years, Unistrut Metal Framing has set the standard for product design, quality and performance.

  • ENI-Strut Systems | Energynet Inc.

    ENI STRUT SYSTEMS No welding required Cost effective solution which reduces labor cost Fully reusable and easy to install DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Flow Control | Energynet Inc.

    record FlowControl - Counting Solution with Door Interaction Our solution is aimed at all retailers and public buildings where further social distancing will be a priority. The system monitors the number of people in the building and automatically deactivates the entrance door when the limit is reached – even if there are several entrances and exits to the building. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Sealing Strips | Energynet Inc.


  • Exothermic Welding | Energynet Inc.

    EXOTHERMIC WELDING ESTWELD® - The Molecular Bond The ESTWELD® process provides a way to produce copper to copper, copper to steel molecular bonds with no external energy or heat source. The principle consists of bringing together welding materials and ignition agents in a suitable graphite mould. The reduction of copper oxide by aluminum produces molten copper and aluminum oxide slag at extremely high temperatures. The shape of the mould, its dimensions, and the size of the welding materials, are all dependent on the items to be welded. INSTALLATION IS EASY Position cleaned conductors in mold after making sure mold is dry, by pre-heating or making a test joint. Place metal disc in bottom of mold crucible. Dump weld powder into crucible. Sprinkle the starting powder over the weld powder and onto the lip of the mold. Close the cover. Ignite the starting powder with the Flint Ignitor. Remove weld and clean mold before making next connection. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Hydraulic Patch | Energynet Inc.

    HYDRAULIC PATCH The Ozone Plus is a revolutionary product which has an in-built Hydraulic System. This system does not require a floor spring and hence there is no requirement for any floor cutting on bottom of the door, making the doorway aesthetical. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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