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  • Solid Earth Plate | Energynet Inc.

    < Grounding Solutions SOLID EARTH PLATE Solid Earth Plate is ideally suitable where soil conditions are very corrosive, such as soil with high salt and moisture content. ETP Grade Copper Stainless Steel (SS 316L) DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Installation Guidelines | Energynet Inc.

    < Grounding Solutions INSTALLATION GUIDELINES The Arrestek exothermic welding process is a simple, self-contained method of forming high quality electrical connections. The compact process requires no external power pr heat source making it completely portable. Connections are made inside a semi-permanent graphite mould using the high temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminum. This is how it works: The Mould (1) features a Crucible (2), a Tap Hole (3) and a Weld Cavity (4). The conductors (5) and (6) to be joined are located in the weld cavity as shown, and the mould is closed. A steel Retaining Disc (7) is located in the bottom of the crucible to retain the Weld Powder (8) and Ignition Powder (9) which are poured in on top. Ignited with a spark gun, the starting powder sets off an exothermic reaction in the weld powder, reducing it to molten copper alloy. Tis instantaneously melts the retaining disc, and flows down the tap hole, to the weld cavity, where it partially melts the conductors, before cooling to leave a fusion weld of great mechanical strength and electrical integrity. The majority of Arrestek weld connections have at least twice the cross sectional area of the conductors being joined, and an equivalent or greater current carrying capacity. Because the connection is a fusion of high conductivity, high copper content alloy, it will withstand repeated fault currents, and will not loosen in the way that mechanical connectors can. Corrosion resistance, too, is exceptional, due to the alloy’s very high copper content (in excess of 90%). Weld Connection Weld Output EXOTHERMIC WELDING PROCESS DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • STA 22 | Energynet Inc.

    < Automatic Sliding Doors record STA 22 The robust STA 22 automatic door is particularly suitable for special entrances and applications using heavy door leaves. Operator technology is particularly stable and reliable and has maintained its position successfully in the market for many years. The STA 22 automatic sliding door is the ideal solution for special heavy-duty applications. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Radial Sliding Doors | Energynet Inc.

    record RST 20 - Radial Curved Sliding Door Whether semi-circular or round, RST 20 CURVED sliding doors can be integrated into passage widths between 1,000 and 2,400mm and are available in a 20mm thick profile for 10mm thick single glazed leaves or 30mm thick profile suitable for 19mm thick insulating glass to allow the greatest transparency. record CURVED Special (R 61) The record CURVED Special (R 61) is an underfloor drive for round and curved doors. Compared to conventional drive concepts, there are no restrictions on the size of the radius. Doors can be curved inward or outward. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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