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  • Hydraulic Patch | Energynet Inc.

    HYDRAULIC PATCH The Ozone Plus is a revolutionary product which has an in-built Hydraulic System. This system does not require a floor spring and hence there is no requirement for any floor cutting on bottom of the door, making the doorway aesthetical. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • TIS-STRUT Management | Energynet Inc.

    TIS-STRUT MANAGEMENT The Innovative Solution to your Ordinary Strut Legrand introduces the State of the Art Solution to your Material Corroding problem. Introducing the TIS-Strut in Continuous Hot Dipped Galvanized Process. CHDG (Continuous Hot Dip Galvanized) is thinner compared to ordinary Hot Dip Galvanize coating method but it has better corrosion resistance performance. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Radial Sliding Doors | Energynet Inc.

    record RST 20 - Radial Curved Sliding Door Whether semi-circular or round, RST 20 CURVED sliding doors can be integrated into passage widths between 1,000 and 2,400mm and are available in a 20mm thick profile for 10mm thick single glazed leaves or 30mm thick profile suitable for 19mm thick insulating glass to allow the greatest transparency. record CURVED Special (R 61) The record CURVED Special (R 61) is an underfloor drive for round and curved doors. Compared to conventional drive concepts, there are no restrictions on the size of the radius. Doors can be curved inward or outward. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Patch Fittings | Energynet Inc.


  • Soluflex | Energynet Inc.

    SOLUFLEX Soluflex, the clever floor system. Legrand’s latest development, Soluflex, is much more than just a raised floor. This innovative new system integrates low-level flooring with Legrand’s market leading cable management solutions. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Solid Earth Plate | Energynet Inc.

    < Grounding Solutions SOLID EARTH PLATE Solid Earth Plate is ideally suitable where soil conditions are very corrosive, such as soil with high salt and moisture content. ETP Grade Copper Stainless Steel (SS 316L) DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Flow Control | Energynet Inc.

    record FlowControl - Counting Solution with Door Interaction Our solution is aimed at all retailers and public buildings where further social distancing will be a priority. The system monitors the number of people in the building and automatically deactivates the entrance door when the limit is reached – even if there are several entrances and exits to the building. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Automatic Swing Doors | Energynet Inc.

    record DFA 127 - AUTOMATIC SWING DOORS The record DFA 127 Automatic Swing Door can be used as the basis for a wide variety of swing door applications thanks to its advanced programmable micro processor and compact design. In addition, it is almost silent in operation which makes it additionally suitable in quieter environments. The versatility of this automatic door operator means it can also be used as a control system to provide fire and smoke protection and it is a system which can be extended with a master-slave function which facilitates two overlapping door leaves. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Exothermic Welding Connections | Energynet Inc.


  • TSA 20 | Energynet Inc.

    < Automatic Sliding Doors record TSA 20 Utilizing the same track and components of the record System 20 automatic door operator, the TSA 20 telescopic door operator features and additional track and belt system to provide twice as many sliding door panels, for a wider clear entrance opening that standard sliding doors. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • TRIAS Cable Management | Energynet Inc.

    TRIAS CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Protecting your investments with Trusted and Reliable Energy Solutions and Services Our weldless solution in medium duty cable ladder has been proven reliable in such a demanding installation. Continuous Hot Dip Galvanized (CHDG) materials with Zn-Al-Mg composition also has been chosen as our reliable solution in this project. Below is the benefit of CHDG compared to traditional Hot Dip Galvanized solution. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

  • Folding Doors | Energynet Inc.

    record FTA 20 - Automatic Folding Door The width of passage can be almost fully retained. Automatic folding doors can be retrofitted relatively easily; they are designed to work particularly well when fitted in corridors. The record folding door is ideal for narrow passageways in restaurants, hotels, business headquarters, hospitals and old people’s homes. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

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